Which perfume fragrance to choose for winter?

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The seasons also affect scents, much like clothing. While woody, warm, and spicy aromas are better suited for winter, fruity and flowery scents are noticeable in spring and summer. But how can you pick it wisely and use it without making mistakes?

Perfume would undoubtedly be one of the top 3 Christmas gifts if we had to list them! However, it can often be very difficult to find the correct one. The sense of smell is also gone as a result of sniffing them all.
Don’t freak out! Learn some advice for selecting a winter-appropriate women’s perfume!

Why change perfume between seasons?!

Always wearing the same perfume is a habit that is being lost. Today, fragrances change with the seasons. Each of them has its tendencies and is accompanied by rules to be respected.

There are two categories of women, those who wear the same perfume all year round and the unfaithful, who prefer to adapt to each season, changing fragrances. And it’s not that silly! Indeed, in winter it would be unthinkable to go outside, in the cold in a tank top, or in a sweater in summer under 30 degrees. Well for the perfume, it’s much the same thing. Depending on the weather, the perfume will not have the same hold and the feeling will not be the same as well. We give you our advice for choosing THE right perfume for the right season!

Perfumes of winter, the escape at the rendezvous

If we tend to more easily opt for light perfumes in the summer, it is different for the winter. When the cold season arrives, exotic and oriental scents make their entrance and invite us to travel. A warm atmosphere that we also enjoy finding in our interiors, more cocooning, in our recipes, sweeter and more generous, as well as in our wardrobe, with deep colors.

How to choose the right winter perfume?

Our only goal in winter: to warm up the atmosphere! So we opt instead for woody notes with warm scents. But beware, woody does not necessarily mean masculine! Some women’s perfumes combine this fragrance with floral notes for more femininity. Safe bets? Black rose, vanilla or even tuberose flower. Among the most popular olfactory notes of winter, we can also mention cedar, sandalwood, amber and musk. These fragrances have the advantage of evaporating slowly and making the perfume last over time. They have excellent grip on clothes all day long.

Eau de parfum, de toilette, mist… Which one to choose?

In general, eau de parfum is preferred in winter, unlike summer, when we are more easily seduced by body mists and light eau de toilette. Why ? It’s all about focus! The most concentrated but also more expensive formula is the extract or essence of perfume. By applying it in small touches, it lasts all day. Eau de parfum, which is more common, tends to evaporate a little more easily thanks to a greater amount of alcohol in its composition. We will therefore tend to have a little heavier hand. As for the eau de toilette, which is more subtle and less heady, it adapts well to sunny days. For its part, the mist simply brings a feeling of freshness to the body.
Perfume of winter, perfume of character

Charismatic, mysterious, captivating… this is the perfect description of the perfume for women symbolizing winter. To give you a more concrete idea, mythical perfumes such as “Shalimar” by Guerlain, “Soir d’Orient” by Sisley, “La vie est belle” by Lancôme or even “Black Opium” by Yves Saint-Laurent are fragrances considered warm and deep, with a present trail and racy and sensual, even oriental notes. You now have all the keys to finding the right winter perfume for women!

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