Broken relationship: how to forget your ex?

Losing a loved one is challenging, especially when the affection we felt for him was compulsive and obsessive. We have an unquenchable want to reconnect with the person who first brought us joy, and this desire might become intolerable. But how do you actually turn the page? How to move on from an ex?

There is no magic formula to swiftly forget your ex. Going through several stages of grief over a lost love is a lengthy process. When miscommunication and rage subside, we typically go into a period of denial, cling to the past, and the desire to have our ex back is reignited.

The truth is that this individual no longer cares about us, is moving on, and has no intention of returning. Accepting the breakup is difficult, but it’s vital if you want to stop suffering from it and take control of your own life once more.

Should you take down all the reminders of your ex from your home?

It is obvious that the greatest course of action to get your ex back may be to set them aside, even temporarily. Although it is completely absurd, that is how people are wired to respond since we are all frightened of losing what is rightfully ours. You will have to overcome your fear of being alone, just like your ex, because nobody is meant to be single.

In this way, you can find all the courage you need to recover your emotions, feel better about yourself, and gain more self-confidence. But most importantly, you can stop dwelling on your painful past and rediscover your zest for life.

The context is not very difficult. If you don’t want to have such scares, you really have to forget your past. This is exactly the right time to react and have a positive view to your future.

Assess your relationship with your ex

It can be very helpful to reflect on the past when you’re ready to do so. In order to maintain objectivity in the relationship, acknowledge one’s part in the breakup, avoid making the same mistakes again in the future:

  • Was I fulfilled in this relationship?
  • Was I really happy with my ex?
  • Were there uncertain areas in this love?
  • Was I Intolerant or jealous?
  • Did I take this relationship seriously?

With the help of this exercise, it can be possible to step back, reflect, gain perspective, and even acknowledge that the rupture was inevitable. This is a crucial step in learning about and ending suffering.

Separate yourself from everything that remind you this person

When every time your eyes touch something, your ex returns to your life forever, it can be difficult to move on. The best way to avoid falling back into painful memories is to muster the courage to empty ourselves and get rid of everything that might serve as a reminder of this union. We go through every item—cabinets, shelves, chests of drawers, camera, computer—with a fine-tooth comb. How about our shared friends? So as not to be tempted to get back together with our ex, we distance ourselves for a while or cut ties.

Focus on new future to forget about your ex

A romantic split offers an unmatched chance to rebuild your life and prioritize your needs. But how can you get over your ex? Putting off a desire for professional retraining? We make the commitment, train, and concentrate on this new life project. A vacation spot that her ex-husband would never dream of visiting? We purchase the plane tickets and depart for a few days or even a few weeks to experience a drastic change in scenery. Trying new sports, joining associations that are important to us, or scheduling a visit to the hairdresser for a hair makeover are other options.

Be as social as you can to detach yourself from your ex

Men are social creatures. To fully develop, we must engage in social interaction. When the work of loving mourning is finished, we feel freed from a burden, lighter, more upbeat, and capable of socializing once more. Even though it might be difficult at first, talking, exchanging, laughing, and being vulnerable with others is a great way to regain self-confidence, forget your pain, and finally move past this previous relationship.

My ex comes back to me but things are the same, what to do?

In addition to letting go of all your past regrets in order to move on from a breakup, it’s crucial to give up any chance of hoping that your ex will change. I frequently travel with men or women who are hoping that their ex will finally live up to their expectations and who keep repeating the same pattern: they distance themselves, break down when they re-communicate with their ex, hear kind words but no actions follow, or these actions last only a few days at most.

The capacity to repeat a pattern in which you hope that your ex will change and that you can regain your confidence without altering your standards is, in my opinion, extremely serious. So may I now advise you to stop acting as usual, maintain your distance even more, avoid making any moves, and watch how your ex changes once you are no longer wanted?

When you realize that your ex is getting back with you but it’s still toxic love, you must definitely push things.

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