Broken relationship: how to forget your ex?

How to let go of your ex? The loss of a loved one is difficult to manage, especially when the love we had for him was addictive and obsessive. We feel the irrepressible need to find the one who made us happy and this feeling can become unbearable. But how to succeed in turning the page? How to get over your ex?

There is no miracle recipe to forget your ex quickly. Grieving for a lost love is a long process that requires going through different phases. When misunderstanding and anger dissipate, we generally enter a stage of denial, we cling to the past and the hope of winning back our ex is reborn. The fact is, this person no longer loves us, they are starting over and have no intention of coming back. As painful as this decision is, it is necessary to accept the breakup in order to no longer suffer from it and to become an actor in your own life again.

Should you remove all the signs that remind you of your ex?

It’s clear, if you decide to put your ex aside, even for a while, this may be the best action to get him/her back! It’s absolutely crazy but that’s how humans are made to react because we are all afraid of losing what belongs to us. Nobody is made to be single and you will have to fight your fear of being alone, just like your ex!

You can thus discover all the courage to regenerate your emotions, to feel better about yourself and have more self-confidence, but above all to stop thinking about this past that makes you suffer so much and to find a taste for life again. .

The context is simple. You almost have to ignore your ex to feel better because how many people today are traumatized by their romantic past? Too much ! So if you don’t want to have such scares that you become anxious about feelings, this is the right time to react.

Take stock of your relationship with your ex

When you feel ready, it can be very beneficial to take stock of the past. Both to keep an objective look at the relationship and to admit one’s share of responsibility for the breakup and not to repeat certain mistakes in the future:

This exercise makes it possible to take a step back, to learn a lesson, to put things into perspective, even to admit that the rupture was inevitable. This is an important step to understand and stop suffering.

Separate yourself from everything that relates to this person

It’s hard to forget your ex when every time our eyes fall on an object, it irretrievably brings us back to our lost love. Finding the strength to empty ourselves and get rid of everything that can remind us of this union is the best way not to plunge back into painful memories. Cabinets, shelves, chests of drawers, camera, computer, we go through everything with a fine-toothed comb. What about mutual friends? We move away for a while or we cut ties so as not to be tempted to reconnect with our ex.

Focus on new projects to forget about your ex

A romantic separation is an unparalleled opportunity to start all over again and take care of yourself. But what to do to forget your ex? A dream of professional retraining on hold? We take the plunge, we train and we focus our attention on this new life project. A vacation destination that absolutely did not thrill her ex-spouse? We take the tickets and we fly away for a few days (or even a few weeks) of intense change of scenery. We can also plan a visit to the hairdresser for a hair makeover, try new sports or join associations that are important to us.

Boost your social life to detach yourself from your ex

Man is a social being. We need to interact with other people to fully develop ourselves. When the work of loving mourning comes to an end, we feel freed from a weight, lighter, more optimistic, more positive and able to socialize again. Even if it can be a little hard at first, talking, exchanging, laughing and opening up to others is a great way to regain self-confidence to forget your heartache and finally turn the page on this past relationship.

My ex comes back to me but remains toxic: what to do?

If to move forward after the breakup you must essentially overcome all your regrets about the past, it is also essential not to keep a possible hope when it comes to the change of your ex. Very often I accompany men or women who hope that their ex can finally meet their expectations and who repeat the same pattern over and over again: they distance themselves, break down when they recommunicate with their ex, hear nice words but acts do not follow thereafter or these last only a few days at most.

What is very serious from my point of view is the ability to reproduce a pattern where you hope that your ex can change and you restore your confidence without having changed your standards.
So I now suggest that you no longer act as usual, stay even more distant, not crack and see how your ex evolves when you are no longer acquired?

You absolutely have to push the limits when you realize that your ex is coming back to you but it’s still toxic love.

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