Dry and rough skin: here is the ingredient to use to fight it (we all have it at home!)

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With the cold of winter, the wind, pollution, or even a bad skincare routine, it is very likely that your skin will feel tight, that it will become uncomfortable and even sometimes red and irritated. To avoid having dry skin, it is necessary to reinforce the hydrolipidic barrier of its epidermis with a day cream sufficiently rich in lipids which protects, repairs and nourishes intensely. Prefer a balm texture in the evening before going to bed in order to observe an optimal result when you wake up: you will have more supple and plumped skin.

For an even more effective beauty routine, a tip has just emerged on Tik Tok: it consists of applying… Rice water on your skin. A young woman called Skya on social media posted a video in which she says “When your Korean mom tells you never to throw away the rice water because it is good for your skin”. She can be seen applying this water all over her face and neck by patting with her hands. Rich in antioxidants, rice water would have virtues to make the skin firmer, refine the skin texture, tighten the pores, hydrate it and give it radiance.

Rice water: how to apply it on your face for more beautiful skin?
To try this technique, you have to pour rice in water and collect it after half an hour, when it looks milky. You can also use the rice cooking water. In any case, know that it is always strongly advised to choose certified organic rice. Store this water in a jar or a spray bottle for a maximum of one week in the refrigerator. You can apply it on the face with a cotton pad or by patting with your hands, but always on clean skin and before applying your cream. Go down well to the level of the neck, an area often neglected and which is one of the first to be marked by the signs of age.

Rice water would be just as beneficial… For the hair! Applied to all clean, wet lengths after showering, the hair becomes silkier and shinier. Adopt this gesture once a week to see the first results.

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