6 gestures to take care of our lips in winter

For many women, the holy grail is to have an attractive, vibrant mouth. So even if we purchased the most gorgeous lipstick, the result would be unattractive due to the lips’ abundance of dead skin.
Cracks, unattractive dead skin, and dryness-related fine lines The mouth is particularly susceptible to changes in the weather, hormone… Here is a list of my advice so you can finally sport your favorite lipstick or just have a gorgeous smile…

Laugh; you are lovely! Your face is illuminated by your well-groomed and exquisitely made-up lips. You can better sublimate them with our help.

The smooth outline

The skin surrounding the mouth is delicate and prone to strain due to our emotions, cigarette smoke, or outside aggressions. It leaves creases, markings, and eventually causes the lips to develop minor wrinkles. By nourishing the epidermis of this delicate area with active substances that smooth and tighten the skin, such as the necessary hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, omega-3, 6, and 9, vitamin B3, and vital hyaluronic acid…

Our tip: a little amount of toning exercise helps keep the edges crisp and smooths the textiles. For this, practice saying the vowels aloud each morning with your mouth wide open before extending your lips and pressing them against your teeth. In addition to providing care, the opportunity should be taken to massage the area by rapidly applying circular pressure with the tip of the index finger. Additionally, nothing deeply stimulates collagen formation like repeated pinches. to be finished at night because it may leave markings, although temporary ones.

The protected heart

The deadliest adversary of delicate lips? the freezing weather that painfully cracks and dries them out. Fortunately, wearing a mask will always help to keep the area around the mouth soft. If the damage is already done and the lips are severely chapped, shea butter, castor oil, sweet almond oil, and sunflower oil are frequently used in the formulation of balms to restore the sore tissues. Apply the treatment as a night mask in the evening before bedtime to allow the active ingredients to absorb deeply for greater tissue restoration.

Our tip: regular exfoliation helps keep lips smooth, supple, sensuous, and gorgeous. Gently rub the area to remove any little dead skin cells with a small amount of creamy honey and a few grains of crystal sugar. Even so, it’s still preferable to biting them and aggravating lip pain.

The prepared base

Before seriously thinking about the makeup process, give your lips a light hydrating treatment. The pigments will only become stronger and more brilliant. To avoid the lipstick practically melting, take care that the active components aren’t too greasy also. Timing and measurement are the key factors. The best option is to use a smoothing primer, which is made to seal in pigments and improve comfort, as the base for your lip makeup.

Our tip: apply the traditional Surgras balm 30 minutes before using the lipstick if that’s all you have on hand. Alternately, apply a thick coating, let it sit for two minutes as a mask, then gently dab the surface clean. The minimal nourishing film that is left on the lips is sufficient to get them ready for a wonderful beauty treatment. .

The drawn outline

This is the first important phase in the makeup routine for flawless lips since it enables you to expertly manipulate volume, grin expression, and style for yourself. It is put slightly above the edge, simply transparent and made of wax and a moisturizing agent, to border the pigments of the lipstick that is applied later and keep them from melting at the risk of leaving tiny lines. It is the fine tool used to intensify and structure the design of the lips, and it is beautifully colored. A style tip is to always use a pencil that matches the color of your lipstick; the line should fade into the colored base.

Our tip: Additionally, use the colored pencil to broadly hatch the entire inside surface. As a result, the lipstick applied over it will adhere better and the pigments will be more intense.

The colorful smile

There are countless color options available from one brand to another. Enough to always assure harmony with your skin tone, the eye shadow color, and most importantly the natural lip volume and the intended impact. When the lips are really delicate and the eyes are strong with a gorgeous “smokey eye” in blue tones, we prefer pinks, subtle Parma… We dare to use crimson tones to brighten the smile by contrast when the shadows are more subdued, gray-brown.

Our tip: we slightly cheat by slightly overfilling the edges with the pencil and choose a very light lipstick to accentuate lips that are too thin. Additionally, you can try deeper hues this season, like deep brown or even plum, to reduce the volume of overly full lips.

The increased material effect

Glossy lipstick references have not been replaced by the resurgence of the ultra-matte finish. So much the better, the option stays open and lets you change it as you see fit based on the situation. Men dislike sticky textures, so even if the glossy look is highly seductive, it won’t necessarily entice kisses. To be stored for stage N of the seduction. And for a romantic date, we favor long-lasting, faintly shimmering velvety materials. The satin formulations are a good middle ground between the two. Preferably “without transfer” to be chosen. Nothing prevents you from combining the materials, so go ahead and dab some gloss on the center of your matte lips. merely to add a hint of emotion!

Our tip: whatever the texture, you will need to ensure that it will remain in place during the day or a lovely evening. The primer might have been useful. And if that doesn’t work, cover the lipstick with a thin layer of translucent powder. The pigments will be captured by its covert weave.

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