Using hair conditioner: why and how to do it properly?

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If the conditioner is an essential step in our hair routine, it seems that we do not use it as it should. The advice of a professional hairdresser to never go wrong again.

Having strong and healthy hair requires some daily effort. Regular appointments with the hairdresser are necessary to cut the damaged ends, but the biggest one is done especially at home and this, as soon as the hair is washed. If we all have our own routine specific to our hair type and its needs, there are still some universal gestures to adopt to obtain dream hair, from the frequency with which it is necessary to wash it to the very simple gesture to do in the shower.

Do you really have to use a conditioner?

Using conditioner is the best way to have perfect hair. We present to you its multiple interests. If we had to venture a comparison between the care of the face and that of the hair, we could say that the shampoo is equivalent to the cleanser, and of the conditioner that it has the same role as a moisturizer. Its objective is clear: to protect your hair, strengthen it and, therefore, make it more beautiful. Suddenly, its use seems essential, right? If we look in more detail at the interest of the conditioner, it seems that the simple shampoo is not enough to, like Samson, draw superhuman strength from your hair.

Ricky Walters, a professional hairdresser from London, went further by explaining the mistake of no longer committing in the shower with an essential product for any good hair routine: conditioner. In Mirror UK, the hairdresser therefore shares his technique to boost the effectiveness of his conditioner and you’ll see, it’s super simple!

How to boost the effectiveness of your conditioner?

If your first instinct after rinsing out your shampoo is to continue with the application of the conditioner, you have to stop. By applying your treatment to your soaked hair, you will not get any benefit from the product, in addition to wasting it. “Long hair can hold a huge amount of water which then dilutes your lovely conditioner, leaving you with just a watery residue,” the hairstylist explains.

According to him, it would be better to take a few minutes to blot his hair with a towel (in microfibers!). Her trick for effective washing and great hair? Make two washes with your shampoo, to eliminate all the residues and the accumulated dirt, then sponge your hair for two minutes. Be sure to perform gentle gestures, without rubbing your lengths, at the risk of damaging them. Then apply your conditioner, avoiding the roots, so as not to make them heavy and oily. Use your product only on your lengths and ends and let it sit for the time indicated, then rinse thoroughly.

[success]Our tip: leave the conditioner on your hair for 1-2 minutes. This is the time it takes to take effect on both your hair and your scalp. If you ever find this time too long, simply start by washing your hair, rinse well, wring it roughly, then apply the conditioner. A dab is enough for short to medium-length hair, and you can go up to a dab if you have long hair. Wash the rest of your body during this time. It will take you 2 minutes for this. You can then rinse out the conditioner that has had time to take effect. We advise you to do this after each shampoo.[/success]
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