Perfumes for women: which fragrance for which occasion?

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First date, wedding, job interview, vacation… Just like clothes, perfumes for women adapt to every situation! So how do you choose the right fragrance? Here are all our tips to avoid making mistakes.

It’s like your second skin, your signature. You wouldn’t change your perfume for the world. And yet, a women’s perfume is worn like clothing. You don’t put on your winter clothes in the summer, and you don’t dress the same way to a wedding as you do to a job interview. This change is also valid for a perfume. In summer, shorts, dresses and T-shirts complement each other wonderfully with a fresh and light fragrance, while in winter, we are more tempted by powerful and reassuring notes to dress our favorite knits. Discover your perfect scent for every occasion.

What perfume for a wedding?

Just like the choice of the dress, the perfume has all its importance for this joyful event. It will create an olfactory memory allowing you to remember the most beautiful day of your life. To choose the perfume for D-Day, make sure it is not too heady. Opt for light and floral notes. For example, La vie est Belle by Lancôme. Delicate and feminine, it blends sweet notes of iris, jasmine, orange blossom and patchouli essence. If your wedding takes place in the summer, dare fruity notes present in the perfume Fleur de Mûrier by Karl Lagerfeld.

What perfume for a first date?

Tonight is operation seduction! Put all your assets forward! And that goes through a duly chosen perfume. To seduce your jules, bet on a gourmet fragrance. Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent, Prada Candy or even Lolita Lempicka will be perfect for the occasion. If you don’t want to make mistakes, be comfortable and be yourself, wear your everyday perfume, the one that gives you confidence and looks like you. Do not be heavy-handed at the risk of turning your partner’s head the wrong way.

What scent for a job interview?

Even if the goal is also to seduce your interlocutor, the preparation for a job interview differs from that of a romantic date. Exit the intense and overly captivating scents. One key word: freshness! Taking care of your appearance also involves a pleasant and fresh smell so as not to attack or distract the person in front of you. So avoid smoking before your interview, watch your oral hygiene and choose a deodorant with a neutral smell. Bet on soft and floral women’s perfumes that reflect a natural image and put you in a good mood.

What scent for a vacation in the sun?

Perfume and sun don’t mix. If your program is to laze all day on your deckchair to perfect your tan, avoid eau de parfum and prefer body mists like those from Victoria’s Secret. Less strong in alcohol, they will not cause you reactions or allergies. The Summer festival perfume from Escada is perfect for this occasion.

which fragrance to choose for going to sleep?

If you want to feel more seductive we recommend Oriental Boisé 033, a mysterious and sensual elixir that revolves around three shades: a floral facet dominated by the warmth of jasmine, an amber facet reflected by a transparent white amber and a woody cashmere, a wood of marked and dense character.

For the most romantic nights we recommend the Chypre Floral 110, a refined, very feminine and irresistible fragrance. This fragrance opens with an accord of orange blossom and fragrant olive tree, creating a honeyed and fruity atmosphere. A rosy heart that stays enveloped in a creamy musk base leaving skin feeling clean and silky.

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