Perfumes for women: which fragrance for which occasion?

Your first date, marriage, business meeting, vacation…  Fragrances for ladies, like clothes, adapt to every scenario! So, how do you pick the best fragrance? Here are all of our suggestions for avoiding mistakes.

It’s your fingerprint, like another skin. You wouldn’t change your fragrance for anything in the world. Despite this, women’s perfume is worn like clothing. You don’t dress for a wedding the same way you dress for a work interview. This modification also applies to perfume. In the warmer months, fresh and light fragrances compliment shorts, skirts, and T-shirts beautifully, whereas in the winter, we are much more drawn by powerful and reassuring notes to wear our preferred knits.

What perfume for a wedding?

The perfume, like the clothing, is quite important for this joyous occasion. It will form an olfactory memory for you, letting you recall the most lovely day of your existence. Make sure the perfume you chose for D-Day is not overpowering. Choose soft and floral notes. Lancôme’s La vie est Belle, for example. It is sensitive and feminine, with notes of iris, jasmine, orange flower, and patchouli essence. If your wedding is in the summer, choose the fruity tones of Karl Lagerfeld’s perfume Fleur de Mûrier.

What perfume for a first date?

Tonight is the night of romance! Present all of your assets! And that is done with a well-chosen scent. Choose a delectable fragrance to entice your jules. Yves Saint Laurent’s Black Opium, Prada Candy, or perhaps Lolita Lempicka will be ideal for the event. Wear your usual perfume, the one that gives you confidence and looks like you, if you don’t want to make mistakes, be relaxed, and be yourself. Don’t be too harsh if it means turning your companion’s head the opposite way.

What scent for a job interview?

Even if the main objective is to impress your interviewer, work interview preparation differs from that of a romantic encounter. Exit the overwhelming and overpowering scents. One word stands out: freshness! Taking care of your look also includes maintaining a nice and fresh odor so that you do not take down or distract the person in front of you. So, avoid smoking before your interview, keep your oral hygiene in check, and use a deodorant with a stable odor. Smooth and floral women’s perfumes that represent a normal profile and put you in a positive mood are a fantastic bet.

What scent for a vacation in the sun?

Heat and perfume do not combine. If your plan is to lounge on your beach chair all day to perfect your complexion, skip the eau de perfum and instead for body mists like those from Victoria’s Secret. Because they are less potent in alcohol, they will not induce responses or allergies. Escada’s Summer Festival scent is ideal for this event.

which fragrance to choose for going to sleep?

If you like to be more attractive, try Oriental Boisé 033, a mysterious as well as seductive elixir with three shades: a floral facet dominated by the warmth of jasmine, an amber facet reflected by a clear white amber, a woody cashmere, a wood with a distinct deep character.

Chypre Floral 110, a refined, highly feminine, and enticing scent, is ideal for the most intimate nights. This scent begins with an orange blossom and aromatic olive tree accord, producing a honeyed and delicious environment. A pink center is encased in a creamy musk foundation, leaving skin fresh and smooth.

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