3 smart rules to keep your makeup in the heat

Heat wave warning! A wave of intense heat is gradually sweeping through USA, forcing people to adapt to this one-time occurrence. The beauty routine must also be adjusted to avoid all of the problems produced by such temperatures, beginning with excessive shine and dilated pores. Despite the heat, these three steps should help you keep your makeup looking fresh all day.

A (very) light makeup

Lighten up your makeup care during periods of high heat to allow the skin to breathe and avoid the highly sticky and shiny impression. Even if the ‘no makeup’ trend is growing popularity around the world, many people have yet to adopt this 100% natural regimen for going to work. In this instance, it’s best to start with waterproof makeup items like eyeliner and mascara to avoid getting panda eyes before even venturing out into the open air. A golden rule that should not be neglected if you want to enjoy long-lasting attractiveness in any situation.

For a soft skin, opt for light textures, such as BB and CC creams, which provide a slew of additional advantages, and finish with a touch of mattifying sun powder for a tanned complexion without shine. During periods of high heat, the primer – or foundation base – is especially crucial since it allows you to conceal all kinds of flaws while also helping to fix the foundation and other correctors for greater hold. When it comes to the lips, a basic gloss or a moisturizing balm appears to be necessary during the day, while a matte and long-lasting lipstick appears to be ideal in the night.

A watchword: skincare

If makeup is required throughout the year, they should not be overlooked during a heat wave. This is the most crucial stage in a beauty routine since completely washed and revitalized skin is better qualified to take to its daily dose of makeup and, more importantly, allows it to last for several hours despite the heat. The beauty routine should begin with adequate washing with a soap appropriate for your skin type, followed by reduce the total use of a serum or cream with a shiny appearance to complexion and reduce dilated pores.

When the weather is hot, you can put your treatments in the refrigerator to boost their advantages and enjoy a refreshing time. Cryotherapy is a sensation that has gone widespread on social media, and various treatments inspired by this cold therapy are gradually making their way into our bathrooms. A small ice cube, which is useful in tightening pores and combating some signs of aging, should be sufficient to refresh you at the beginning and end of the day.

Invest in nomadic products

While this road plan will spare you from many disappointments, it is not a guarantee of a sunny day free of mistakes. To stack the deck in your favor, keep a few items on hand for a quick makeover between two appointments. Mists, repairers, and some other mattifying products are among during the day. must-haves for your handbag, allowing you to preserve a bright complexion with no shine

If you don’t have any of these items, pat a tissue on the shinier areas of your face (forehead, nose, cheekbones, chin) to absorb excess sebum before using a mattifying powder. These two movements should keep you from drooling too much during the heat wave.

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