7 Keys to a radiant face

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The approach of winter is not the best time to feel radiant. But with simple and well-chosen gestures, it is possible to regain all your radiance.

A truly luminous complexion

The skin takes about 28 days to renew itself, and if this renewal is beneficial for cell regeneration, it is also largely responsible for the accumulation, on the surface of the epidermis, of dead cells which gray the complexion. The best solution to eliminate them is still to carry out, once or twice a week depending on the sensitivity of the skin, a peeling, to be used in the form of a lotion based on exfoliating active ingredients (such as glycolic acid, fruits or AHA…) which will dissolve all the impurities of the skin, or a scrub, also based on natural exfoliating active ingredients such as sugar or fruit stone powder. The result is skin that reflects light better and therefore immediately becomes more radiant.

Our advice: exfoliating does not mean stripping, so always use your product as a massage with your fingertips, without rubbing, so as not to make your skin redden, which is always a little more sensitive in winter with the ambient cold setting in. And always avoid the fragile contour of the eyes and lips.

Plumper skin

Over time, it is not only wrinkles that settle on the face, but also the lack of firmness that becomes more marked. And if these factors are unavoidable, it is possible to limit their effects with expert care, which will increase the level of hydration while reviving the mechanisms of regeneration thanks to a stimulation of the production of elastin and collagen. Perfect for regaining skin that seems plumped up from the inside, thanks to youthful active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, plant stem cells…

[success]Our advice: in addition to applying a day and night cream for anti-aging purposes, it’s a good time to do a real rejuvenating treatment with a serum ultra-concentrated in active ingredients, which will support and reinforce the action. of this care.[/success]

Perfectly erased imperfections

Small pimples and blackheads are unfortunately not the prerogative of teenagers. Many adult women can also suffer from skin imperfections, due to an imbalance of hormonal factors, but also stress. However, there are cosmetic solutions to overcome it, with high-performance treatments that fight not only the overproduction of sebum, but also inflammation, because acne-prone skin is also fragile skin, which should not be in no way irritate.

This type of treatment most often contains keratolytic active ingredients, such as fruit acids or salicylic acid, which unclog pores to allow better sebum flow, with a high-tolerance formula so as not to irritate the epidermis.

Well relaxed features

Fatigue, which tends to accumulate over the weeks at the end of the year, is often a source of physical tension, tension that also ends up being seen in the face. And if it is not always easy to relax perfectly, a massage, inspired by professional techniques, allows you to relax the features of the face, while bringing a more general well-being. To do this properly, make yourself comfortable in an armchair and take advantage of the application of your care cream to perform the massage. Start by smoothing with the flat of the fingers, starting from the chin to go up towards the cheeks then on each side of the forehead.

Realize, at the level of the eye contour, small circles starting from the inner corner towards the outer corner. Then make small successive pinches all along the jawline, sliding towards the cheekbones to finish with the forehead area. Smooth each wrinkle by making small rotations with the tip of your index finger, and finish by smoothing your skin again with your fingertips.

[success]Our advice: small pinches tend to redden the skin, so do your massage in the evening instead. Also ideal for finding a more peaceful face after a hard day.[/success]

An incredibly rested look

If good nights are excellent beauty products, because it is during our sleep that the skin regenerates best, they are often quite short and not sufficiently restorative, especially with a rather stressful pace of life. And fatigue can be read immediately on the face, and mainly around the eyes, the area of the face where the skin is the thinnest and most fragile. Results: dark circles deepen, fine lines become more marked and puffiness may form. But fortunately, eye contour care now performs small miracles to help the eyes regain all their freshness and youth, thanks to targeted active ingredients that decongest the tissues, such as caffeine, or that boost the production of elastin and collagen.

[success]Our advice: you can place the bottle or jar of your treatment in the refrigerator in order to benefit from a cool effect when it is applied. Decongestant and rejuvenating effect guaranteed![/success]

Fresh cheekbones

Have nicely rosy cheeks, like after a walk in the fresh air, to immediately feel radiant? Such is the magic of blushers, which can, with a stroke of color, immediately chase away a gray complexion. To be chosen in all the declination of pink tones, rather dragee with a clear and more sustained complexion, and even downright fuchsia with a matte complexion.

[success]Our advice: apply your rosy blush on the top of the cheekbones, going up slightly towards the temples to obtain a truly stunning lifting effect at the same time.[/success]

A divinely hydrated epidermis

Water is the source of life, whether animal or vegetable. And this water, so precious, is also, for the skin, an essential element for its beauty. But every day, over the hours, its water reserves decrease (a phenomenon also called transepidermal water loss) due to the rise of nutrients from the dermis to the epidermis, the latter not being vascularized. In addition, if the barrier function of the skin is altered, for example, under the effect of products that are too aggressive, dehydration will increase and feelings of discomfort will appear. And all skin types are affected by this phenomenon, even oily skin, which produces too much sebum but can also lack water.

Hence the importance of protecting your face every day, and of offering it moisturizing care, particularly rich in hyaluronic acid, the star molecule of hydration, because this macromolecule is capable of capturing large quantities of water in the dermis and bind up to 1,000 times its weight in water. But unfortunately, its concentration decreases over time, which further increases the phenomenon of dehydration. And there is now a whole range of treatments with different textures to respond more precisely to the needs of the skin, with fluids, if it is oily and does not need more nutrients, or creams and even balms , if it needs to be fed more intensely.

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