Brittle hair, our care advice to repair it

With these hair tips and routines, it’s simple to show off lustrous and supple hair from the roots to the tips.

Brittle hair: How does it work?

Hair is a smart melange of strength and frailty, consisting of a stem, a bulb, and a root. It is nourished by blood and sebum, and the keratin that makes up 95% of it makes it elastic and lustrous if properly watered. Keratin dehydrates and breaks when it is not properly nourished. Our hair, like our skin, is subjected to fatigue, stress, and cigarette smoke. It responds to both cold and hot sources, such as the sun. She dislikes products like chlorine and salt water, as well as frequent dyeing, straightening, and brushing.

Test the strength of your hair

First precaution: Evaluate the degree of the damage. Take a hair and extend it from the base of the head with your thumb and forefinger.If the hair does not cut off, it means it’s elastic and healthy. Otherwise, it is dry and crumbles easily. As a result, when some people run their hands through their hair, they end up with a fistful of dry hair between their fingers.

Brittle hair: Bet on the right care

The nice reaction is to use a soft and hydrating shampoo. It is best to select active substances that penetrate and nourish the hair fiber. The assets, which are simply interested in smoothing the scales of the brittle hair, are a ruse. Choosing a sulfate-free, paraben-free, and alcohol-free shampoo is therefore preferable.

Small tip: Oil-based shampoos are ideal for the job. You can also hydrate your hair with a bath of hazelnut, avocado, or argan oil. Olive oil, for example, offers hydrating characteristics that have been advocated since antiquity. Those who like to rely on major hair brands are spoiled for choice, as greasy solutions to nourish the hair are proliferating on store shelves.

The hair mask is the second component to include in your beauty routine. You must let it sit for it to function. Wrap your wet hair with a heated towel. The heat causes the scales to tip. The hair mask then works its way profound into the hair fiber.

Adopt the right gesture

If you’re used to wrapping some locks around your fingers, it’s important to switch up your motion because brittle hair falls out when it is handled too much. However, sleeping with a scarf or in braids prevents breaking of your hair. Your hair is therefore preserved and the friction phenomena, which is nearly identical to that of wringing out after shampooing, is reduced. Last but not least, spend the time to commit your hair to a hairstylist who will periodically trim your split ends. Every three months is the ideal timing.

Break your bad habits

It’s critical to avoid overly forceful wringing in order to take care of your hair. Waterlogged, brittle, with excessive scale opening, and with aggressions reaching the keratin. Another action to forbid is the overly vigorous untangling that damages hair fiber. If you prefer straight hair, you must use a hair dryer at a fair distance from your hair, about 20 centimeters away, or else it will dry out.

You also can blow-dry in 2 steps for 10 minutes in cold air and 5 minutes in hot air. It is best to choose a hair straightener with tourmaline-containing plates because this stone makes the glide easier and doesn’t harm damaged hair. Last advice: don’t set the heat higher than 150 degrees.

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