5 soft skin solutions for your body

Under the uncomfortable, dry, and tired skin of winter is smooth, soft, supple skin that is just waiting to show. Simply speed up a natural process called desquamation to do it. In reality, it takes the skin three weeks to fully regenerate.

Dead cells are those that are born in the deeper layers of the skin and gradually move to the surface before dying and being removed. However, during the colder months, when the skin is “confined” by clothing, socks, and other tights, these build up and are slowly removed, giving the skin a whitish appearance and a rough texture. You can get new skin in a flash by activating this natural process with a good little bit of gum.

The most economical

With a very dry washcloth or small towel, it is simple and cost-free to exfoliate your entire body in one or two sessions. The terry cloth will be as rough as you desire because we won’t have used fabric softener when washing them and even ironed them! Then, without moisturizing the glove, we rub on dry skin from the heels to the neck before taking a shower.

The most cosmetic

The act of rubbing the skin with grains used in “mechanical” exfoliation—such as coarse sea salt, crushed stones from apricots—looses the epidermis’ dead cells. A useful and speedy task that can be completed prior to or concurrently with the shower. After massaging your skin centimeter by centimeter with a small amount of the product in your palm, rinse with hot water.

The most natural

Loofah, which is certainly dried squash, can be used as a washcloth or to apply moisture to wet skin. Because of how delicate the fiber is, it is perfect for skin that is sensitive. When washing, it is moistened with soap, cream, washing oil, or shower gel before massaging the body in circular motions.

The greenest

Anti – acne powder is environmentally friendly because it uses little water, is made primarily of natural extracts like clay or bamboo powder, and lasts for a very long time. We place the equivalent of a level tablespoon in the palm of the hand, add a small amount of water (or vegetable oil), and then rub with it much like we would on a summer beach with a handful of wet sand.

The most innovative

Using a silicone glove that has tiny dots on it, you apply a light but effective and painless friction. It can be used to wash in conjunction with soap or even a grain exfoliant for a quick result.

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