5 soft skin solutions for your body

Do you want to find skin as soft as satin? It’s easy ! Here are 5 à la carte solutions to meet all your expectations.

Beneath the dry, dull and uncomfortable skin of winter lies smooth, soft, supple and satiny skin just waiting to show itself. It’s easy, just accelerate a natural process, called desquamation. In practice, skin cells completely renew themselves in about three weeks.

They are born in the deep part of the skin, and gradually migrate to the surface, to come off at the end of their life, this is called dead cells. However, in winter, “confined” under clothing, socks and other tights, these accumulate and are slow to be eliminated, which gives a whitish appearance and a rough texture to the skin. A good little bit of gum activates this natural process and allows you to get new skin in the blink of an eye.

The most economical

Without spending a penny, it is easy to exfoliate from head to toe effectively in one or two sessions with a very dry washcloth or small towel. We will have avoided washing them with a fabric softener and we will even have ironed them so that the terry cloth is as rough as you want! Then we rub from the heels to the neck before the shower, on dry skin therefore, and without moistening the glove.

The most cosmetic

The “mechanical” exfoliation uses grains (crushed stones, such as those of apricots, coarse sea salt, etc.) and the simple fact of rubbing the skin with them loosens the dead cells of the epidermis. A practical and quick operation that can be carried out before or at the same time as the shower. Take a little product in the palm of your hand and massage your skin centimeter by centimeter, then rinse with hot water.

The most natural

Loofah, which is actually dried squash, can be used either dry on dry skin or damp on wet skin, like a washcloth. It is ideal for sensitive skin because its fiber is really tender. If it is used for washing, it is moistened with soap, cream, washing oil or shower gel before performing circular massages all over the body.

The greenest

Exfoliating powder is eco-friendly because it saves a lot of water, lasts a very long time, and is usually made from natural ingredients such as clay or bamboo powder. We pour the equivalent of a level tablespoon in the palm of the hand, we add a little water (or vegetable oil), then we rub with it as we would with a handful of sand wet on the beach in summer.

The most innovative

With a silicone glove, equipped with small dots, you exert a gentle, but effective and non-irritating friction. You can wash with it by combining it with a soap, or even with a grain exfoliant for an express result.

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