Brittle hair, our care advice to repair it

Easy to display shiny and supple hair to the ends without going through the hairdresser’s box with these tips and hair rituals.

Brittle hair: How does it work?

Composed of a stem, a bulb and a root, the hair is a clever mix of strength and weakness. Nourished by blood and sebum, the keratin which makes up 95% of it makes it elastic and shiny, provided that the latter is properly irrigated. When keratin is not nourished enough, the hair fiber dehydrates and breaks. Just like our skin, our hair suffers fatigue, stress, cigarette smoke. It reacts to cold and heat sources, such as the sun. She does not like products such as chlorine or salt water as well as repeated coloring, straightening and brushing.

Test the strength of your hair

First precaution: check the extent of the damage. Isolate a hair, place it between the thumb and forefinger, and stretch it from the base of the skull. If the hair resists, it indicates that it is elastic and healthy. Otherwise, it is dry and breaks very quickly. Thus, some even have an unpleasant surprise when they pass their hand through their hair: they keep a handful of dry hair between their fingers.

Brittle hair: Bet on the right care

The good reflex is to choose a mild and moisturizing shampoo. It is advisable to choose active ingredients that penetrate the hair fiber and nourish it. The assets, which are content to smooth the scales of the brittle hair, are only a decoy. The ideal is therefore to choose a sulfate-free, paraben-free and alcohol-free shampoo.

Small tip: oil-based shampoos do the job perfectly. It is also quite possible to moisturize your hair with a bath of hazelnut, avocado or argan oil. Edible oil, such as olive oil, also has moisturizing properties that have been recommended since ancient times. For those who prefer to rely on the big hair brands, they are spoiled for choice, because oily solutions to moisturize the hair are multiplying on the shelves.

Second product to include in your beauty ritual: the hair mask. For it to work, you have to let it sit. Wrap a hot towel around your wet hair. The heat opens the scales. The mask then penetrates deeper into the hair fiber.

Adopt the right gesture

If you are used to twisting some locks around your fingers, it is time to adopt another gesture, because too much manipulation, brittle hair ends up falling out. On the other hand, sleeping with a scarf or braids protects your hair from breakage. The phenomenon of friction, substantially identical to that of wringing out after shampooing, is thus reduced and your hair is protected. Finally, take the time to entrust your hair to a hairdresser who will regularly get rid of your split ends. The right rhythm: every 3 months.

Break your bad habits

To protect your hair, it is important not to wring it too vigorously. Waterlogged, they are fragile, the scales open excessively, and the aggressions reach the keratin. Another gesture to proscribe: the too energetic disentangling which breaks the hair fiber. For those who are fans of straight hair, it is essential to use a hair dryer at a respectable distance, about 20 centimeters from your hair, otherwise it will dry out. You can also blow-dry in two stages: 10 minutes in cold air and 5 minutes in hot air to print the desired movement. Regarding hair straighteners, it is advisable to choose a device whose plates contain tourmaline, because this stone facilitates the glide and does not attack damaged hair. Last indication: for the temperature setting, do not exceed 150 degrees.

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