Choose your strategy: how to make money on the internet?

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Dropshipping, sports betting, social networks… The Internet has no shortage of ways to make money. With digital work, there are many advantages: no imposed hours, the more you work, the more you earn and all you need is a good internet connection and a computer to start earning money. This is an activity that you can do from home by telecommuting. The editorial staff gives you its 8 best job ideas to make ends meet or to work full-time on the web. But beware of scams!

Take paid surveys to supplement your income

Paid surveys and polls are an easy way to earn money on the Internet but they will not save you thousands and cents but around ten euros per site and per month. However, they are practical because they can be done on a smartphone as well as on a computer or tablet and allow you to optimize your waiting time. For example, if you are on public transport or have a 10-minute wait before an appointment, take out your Internet-connected equipment and complete a survey. To earn more, multiply the paid survey sites!

Earn money by consuming with cashback

Many sites offer discount codes and cash-back, but what are they and how do they make us money?

The principle is simple: you earn money by buying things on the Internet. The cash-back site on which you are registered reimburses you a percentage of the amount of your basket on an e-commerce site. It is generally between 3 and 40% and in addition to cash-back offers, discount codes may be offered to you. It is therefore a good way to make ends meet if you order expensive items on the internet. This requires, before buying, to compare the amount of cashback between the different sites that offer this service to take advantage of the best offer. You can also make sure that the online store you are shopping on is a partner of a cash-back site.

Read paid emails

In the same style, you can opt for reading paid emails. Register on dedicated platforms and follow them. Note that some require a waiting time of several seconds between two emails. Regarding the content of the emails, sometimes it can simply be a question of opening the email to read it and in some cases, to be entitled to remuneration, you will have to complete the reading of the email with an action: registration for a contest or order on the site in question for example. Again, you won’t get rich with this technique, but you can at least earn enough to pay for a restaurant and optimize your time. We advise you to create a specific address to register for paid email sites. Don’t forget to validate your registration to confirm your participation.

Bet on sports or horses online

You must know someone who makes or has already made sports bets. If you do not have enough hindsight to make a decision, there are many Instagram accounts or websites that advise you on predictions. Otherwise, you can always ask your children, spouse or sports fan girlfriend to help you! In any case, be aware that it is often offered a stake of $100 or full refund in the event of loss of the first bet. Be careful, however, not to fall into it because bets are recognized as addictive.

Become an influencer on social networks

Creating your YouTube channel, partnering with brands and posting photos or videos on Instagram can be handy for making money. Provided you know how to manage a community, specialize in a subject and be regularly available to perform. There are influencers of all ages and in all walks of life. If you love children, cooking or animals, you are bound to find a community. This method of making money requires work but can quickly help you financially if you find THE right idea! And then, if you’re not comfortable with social media, filming and editing, don’t panic! There are coaching.

Create your online store using dropshipping

E-commerce is a good job to make money online. Dropshipping consists, in the commercial chain, of not ordering the products to be sold in advance but of waiting for a customer to buy them to order them from the supplier. Concretely, normally once the customer has purchased a pair of shoes on your website, you send him his order directly because you have already purchased it from the supplier. With dropshipping, you only order the pair of shoes from the supplier once a customer has bought them from you. This allows you to save storage space and avoid unsold items. The role of the dropshipper therefore mainly concerns digital marketing because he must make his purchasing platform known to new customers and then retain them.

Get paid by taking advantage of your skills with jobbing

Everything is possible on the internet, even making money using your skills! Jobbing sites connect customers who need a service with one or more people capable of carrying out the mission in question. If you are good at writing, you can become a web writer for blogs, B2B or B2C sites. If you know how to develop a website, you can become a webmaster. Do you know social networks well? Become a brand ambassador or community manager. Do you know how to translate texts? It’s up to you to create subtitles for Netflix. In short, there are lots of opportunities to seize depending on your skills, and even for budding gardeners!

Earn money on PayPal

Yes yes you read that right. The American payment solution allows you to make ends meet. How ? By doing a bit of everything described above. The platform allows you to carry out paid missions (read emails, answer surveys, test applications), as well as to take advantage of cash-back or make sponsorship. Before you begin, discover our tips for creating your PayPal account.

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