Manicure: 4 tips for having pretty natural nails

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Yes, it is quite possible to have very pretty hands with unvarnished natural nails. Today with less expensive and natural care it is possible to have clean and beautiful nails naturally. “The ELLE Beauty Team” introduces you to the tips and tricks that will help you take care of your nails properly.

Mainly made up of very hard keratin, a little water, fatty acids, iron, calcium… the nails play a very effective shield role at the ends of the hands and feet. But they also have their weak points and can be injured, sick or impacted by poor general condition. Any significant or lasting change should therefore lead to consultation. And like the rest of the body, the nails also suffer the effects of time which weaken them. We protect them and treat them on a case-by-case basis.

1- Nourish the nails

Just like you would your skin or your hair. Nails, too, need nourishment to be healthy. If the white edge of the nail tends to crack or break off quickly, it is simply because it is too dry. Fortunately, there are many natural nourishing products as well, such as castor oil. Simply massage the flat of the nail with a little oil to deeply moisturize them. Castor oil is also excellent for hair growth and body hair in general. A little trick: put a drop of castor oil in your mascara tube for longer and stronger lashes.

“Hand nails grow an average of 1 millimeter every 10 days. The growth can be more or less rapid depending on the person and their state of health.”

2- File the nails

Fingernails grow an average of 1 millimeter every 10 days. Growth can be more or less rapid depending on the person and their state of health. In summer, exposure to the sun promotes the production of keratin and therefore nail growth. To shorten them, it is strongly recommended to use a file rather than a metal nail clipper which risks breaking the nail when cutting. The file is less aggressive and does not damage the fibers that make up the nail, which increases its robustness. To prevent the nail from snagging, you must get into the habit of always filing in the same direction and not going back and forth with the file. The pliers will be more frequently used to cut thicker toenails.

3- Use organic care

Are your nails soft and brittle? Do not panic the situation is recoverable! In order to properly take care of your nails, use a restorative and/or nourishing base.

4- Eat vitamins

Indeed, the nails often reflect our deficiencies (whitish spots, dry and brittle nails, yellowish nails, etc.). It is actually a way for your body to alert you that you are suffering from a lack of vitamins. To get strong, sturdy nails, it’s often necessary to supplement your diet with a vitamin A booster, specifically. It is found in particular in fruits such as melon or mango, and vegetables, in carrots and spinach for example.

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