how to prepare your skin to welcome winter?

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In a few days, winter will mark its great return. Even before this official date, the grayness and the cold are already installed… To prepare and protect your skin against low temperatures, we tell you the routine to adopt.

The morning routine for your face

In order to prepare your skin to face the winter climate, it is preferable to adjust all the steps of your daily routine. Also, taking your skin type into account is important. If you have combination skin, for example, you may suffer from shine on sunny days and dryness in winter: a complicated imbalance to manage. This is why it is necessary to adapt its care over the seasons. Similarly, if you have dry skin: do not hesitate to opt for much richer care in cold weather.

As soon as you cleanse your face, adopt these tips by choosing a cleansing gel that meets your skin needs AND initiates the hydration of your skin. Continue with a day cream aligned with these same criteria, which benefits more from including an SPF (yes, UV rays are protected from them all year round!). During the make-up step, use mattifying products only if you really need them (especially on oily skin). Otherwise, they will tend to dry out your skin.

Weekly and evening treatments

In the evening, take care to put in place a make-up removal designed for winter. You can, for example, give a chance to cleansing milks generous in hydration if your skin requires it or a cleansing oil. On very dry skin, do not hesitate, moreover, to apply an ideal night cream to perfect the hydration of your skin before going to bed. On a daily basis, you can also turn to a plurality of products (serum, floral water, mist, etc.) that correspond to your problems and consolidate the good health and good hydration of your skin. The important thing is to shape a personalized routine intended to prevent your face – very exposed to the cold – from suffering from tightness, redness and dehydration.

In addition, do not forget to plan a weekly session of care including exfoliation and mask, both dedicated to nourishing the epidermis. Also, if you have mature skin, choose highly nutritious treatments with firming and regenerating properties. Finally, note that there are some popular ingredients in facial moisturizers such as niacinamide, aloe vera or rose water.

Ends to pamper

Did you know that in cold weather, the body – in order to protect itself – slows blood circulation to the extremities to fully devote itself to the vital organs? For this reason, it is necessary to carefully pamper your hands and feet when the temperatures drop. Hand cream is therefore essential as an everyday essential to slip into your handbag. If necessary, you can make a hand mask from time to time. In the cosmetics market there are gloves for this purpose, or creams and serums.

Likewise, do not hesitate to invest in foot masks which can take the form of socks or creams. Also on a daily basis, pamper your little toes with nourishing care. Whether for hands or feet, star ingredients in the products include shea butter, jojoba oil or beeswax.

What about your whole body?

Obviously, there is no question of neglecting the whole body. By betting on the right shower gel, even a shower oil, but also a balm, a milk, a cream, a cream, an ointment… to be applied daily, you will be able to nourish and hydrate your skin, which desperately needs it. in winter.

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