6 gestures to take care of our lips in winter

Having a pretty, colorful mouth is the holy grail for many women. So even if we bought the most beautiful lipstick, the lips full of dead skin make the result unglamorous.
Cracks, unsightly dead skin and fine lines of dryness… The mouth is particularly sensitive to climatic variations, hormonal imbalances,… Here is a list of my tips to finally be able to wear your favorite lipstick or simply sport a pretty mouth…

Smile, you are beautiful! Your well-groomed and beautifully made-up lips illuminate your face. We guide you to better sublimate them.

The smooth outline

The skin is thin, around the mouth, and it is subject to all the tensions, according to our emotions, cigarette smoke or external aggressions. It creases, it marks and small wrinkles end up forming around the lips. It is possible to slow down these effects of passing time through a good anti-aging strategy, by nourishing the epidermis of this sensitive area with firming and smoothing active ingredients, such as the essential hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, omega-3, 6, 9, vitamin B3…

[success]Our tip: a bit of toning gym helps maintain firmness around the edges and smoothes the fabrics. For this, recite the vowels well every morning, mouth wide open, before stretching the lips, rolling them against the teeth. The application of care should also be an opportunity to massage the area with the application of the tip of the index finger, applying rapid circular pressure. There is also nothing like repeated pinches to deeply stimulate the production of collagen. To be done in the evening, because it can leave marks, which are fortunately temporary. [/success]

The protected heart

The worst enemy of sensitive lips? The cold that dries them out and cracks them painfully. Fortunately, a mask is always good for maintaining a cocoon of softness around the mouth. If the damage is done and the lips are already well chapped, the painful tissues are repaired with a lot of vegetable oils of sweet almond, castor, sunflower, and coconut or shea butter, often present in the formulation of balms. In the evening at bedtime, apply the treatment in a thick layer as a night mask, the time to let the active ingredients penetrate deeply for better tissue repair.

[success]Our tip: a little exfoliation from time to time also keeps lips beautiful, sensual, smooth and plump. With a little creamy honey, added a few grains of crystal sugar, gently rub the surface to remove small dead skin. It’s still better than biting them and hurting the lips even more.[/success]

The prepared base

A little moisturizing treatment on the lips: this is a minimum before really considering the make-up step. The pigments will only be more durable and luminous. Be careful, the active ingredients should not be too greasy either, in order to prevent the lipstick from literally melting. It’s all about measurement and timing. The ideal is to opt for a real special lip make-up base, i.e. a smoothing primer, designed to lock in pigments and increase comfort.

[success]Our tip: if you only have a classic surgras balm available, apply it half an hour before applying the lipstick. Or, apply a generous layer, leave on for two minutes as a mask, before wiping everything off, gently dabbing. The light nourishing film that remains is enough to prepare the lips for a perfect beauty treatment.[/success]

The drawn outline

This is the first essential step in the makeup ritual for sublime lips, which allows you to skilfully play on volumes, the expression of the smile, and to offer yourself a more or less sophisticated style. Simply transparent and formulated with wax and a moisturizing agent, it is applied slightly above the edge, in order to border the pigments of the lipstick applied afterwards and to prevent them from melting, at the risk of marking fine lines. Beautifully colored, it is the precision instrument to amplify and structure the design of the lips. A tip to gain elegance: always choose a pencil in the same shade as the lipstick, the line should blend into the colored base.

[success]Our tip: also use the colored pencil to hatch the entire interior surface with broad strokes. This will increase the adhesion of the lipstick passed over it while giving more intensity to the pigments.[/success]

The colorful smile

From one brand to another, the range of colors is endless. Enough to always ensure harmony with your complexion, the shade of eye shadow, and above all the natural volume of the lips and the desired effect. When the eyes are strong and loaded with a beautiful “smokey eye” in blue tones, very soft on the lips, we prefer pinks, soft Parma… When the shadows are more muted, gray brown, we dare scarlet tones to brighten the smile by contrast.

[success]Our tip: to amplify lips that are too thin, we cheat a little by slightly overflowing the edges with the pencil and we opt for a very light lipstick. And to minimize the volume of very generous lips, you can dare darker shades, such as deep brown or even plum, very trendy this season.[/success]

The increased material effect

The return of the ultra-matte effect has not ousted the references of glossy lipsticks. So much the better, the choice therefore remains open and allows you to adapt as you wish depending on the circumstances. If the glossy effect is very sensual, it does not necessarily attract kisses, men do not like sticky textures. To be kept for seduction step N°1. And for a romantic date, we prefer velvety materials, barely iridescent, and above all long-lasting. As for the satin formulas, it is a good compromise between the two. To be chosen preferably “without transfer”. Finally, nothing prevents you from mixing the materials, by dabbing a little gloss on the heart of the matte lips. Just to bring a touch of emotion!

[success]Our tip: whatever the texture, you will have to ensure its hold over the hours of the day or a beautiful evening. The primer could have helped. And failing that, apply a veil of translucent powder over the lipstick. Its discreet mesh will trap the pigments.[/success]
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