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Cinderella Solution Review Scam ? – Pros & Cons

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You read this Cinderella Solution Review because you heard a lot about this Diet System. We’ll reveal the real truth, negative reviews, Pros, Cons and side effects of Cinderella Solution Weight Loss System. Is this a scam? What are customer reviews and complaints saying? Can diet recipes and spices really help women burn fats and get good results as soon as they are expecting?

You have seen all “Cinderella Solution Before and After pictures” and you want to get rid of those extra pounds that have been added over time. You want to remove this fat that has settled on your thighs, your legs or your buttocks. Where you want to find a flat stomach like when you were younger.

What is The Cinderella Solution System?

[panel title=”Are you always in this situation?” background_color=”#b30e0e” text_color=”#ffffff”]

You have been on a diet for a few weeks. You lost some weight, and as soon as you stop, you gain more weight than before.

Which is extremely frustrating …

Every year, before the summer, new diets appear, such as the Australian diet, Tokyo-Paris or South Beach. Have you heard of it before?

If it is not the case, it does not matter because you do not miss anything.

What happens when you follow these fad diets?

You will be on a diet for a few weeks. You will lose weight a little, and as soon as you stop, you will gain more weight than before. Which is extremely frustrating …

Meanwhile, you see lucky people, who eat anything they want, without taking a pound.

why using cinderella solution?

It’s so unfair…

But it’s not your fault. 90% of people who have followed a simple diet will gain weight in few weeks..[/panel] [info]Why is this happening to all women?

Simply because the foundations on which all these diets are based are not adapted to your daily life, and will simply create an imbalance in your body, which increases the yoyo effect over time.[/info]

The Cinderella Solution Diet is at the origin of several experiments made by Japanese doctors in the 1900s, using fat burning spices and natural foods. “The Cinderella Solution Weight Loss” is now followed by thousands of celebrities as a creative diet plan of in many countries, since it has a lot of good reviews, feedback and nutritional recommendations from specialists.

It can be used, as well, in the case of certain diseases: epilepsy, cancer, diabetes … but remains to be defined for each case according to the medical advice of the patient. In this Cinderella Solution Review, we’ll develop the main principles of this new diet system, recommended recipes,  and foods to avoid.

Who is The Cinderella Solution Author?

Carly Donovan is the creator of Cinderella Solution Diet. She is not promoting a scam system, because she proved the effectiveness and reality of a new natural fat burning system. She is a woman who has lost weight naturally in a few weeks using her own lifestyle, without traditional diets, without useless hunger or tiring gym.

Carly Donovan Cinderella solution author

She said: ” ..I thought I could control everything … even my body. I tried every possible diet: protein, detox, low carbs, tea recipes, juice before falling into more drastic ways to lose weight. The more I tried, the more complex I became.. But Finally, I focused only on my body and enjoyment. I thought I had gained self-confidence when, deep down, I was looking more and more for the approval of others.”

Carly Donovan claimed that initially, she did not realize that she had lost so much weight. It’s the others who made her aware of it. She received more and more compliments. In the long run, her appearance made her feel beautiful, sexy and good about herself too.

“The day you think you have control over you is the day you start losing it.” When Carly Donovan lost weight, she lost the ability to listen to her hunger signals.”

She also got self-confidence little by little, because she just relied on the appearance she had to stand out from others. Carly Donovan began to restrain and forget her frustration.”

What About Cinderella Solution Tea Recipes?

A healthy diet is a balanced and varied diet based on vegetables, fruits, meats or fish. To eat well, nothing could be easier than Cinderella Solution meal plan. Let’s take stock of the recommendations of this full diet program and discover ideas for a balanced week without stict dieting. Cinderella Solution gives a detailed and balanced meals that makes your nutrition healthy and delicious at once.

 cinderella solution meal plan

Since childhood, we are harassed on all sides that we must “eat a balanced diet”. Only, on a daily basis, this beautiful theory is often difficult to put into practice: lack of time, energy, money, low morale, irrepressible desire to snack … What if it was not that complicated? Cinderella Solution explains to you how to compose your meals in the rules of art.

Eating is above all about filling up on energy in the form of lipids and carbohydrates … but not only! The body also needs proteins to make cells, fiber to facilitate intestinal transit, minerals and vitamins for growth and vitality. But no food concentrates all these nutrients at once! Therefore, some Cinderella Solution tea recipes play on the complementarity between the different ingredients to meet all your nutritional needs without neglecting your diet goals.

But food balance is not only achieved on a dish, or even on a meal! It takes place over an entire day, or even over the week. If you eat too much or too little at one meal, you can very well restore balance at the next meal. Cinderella Solution guarantees your food balance, because this diet knows that eating is above all a pleasure and a way to guarantee good health!

How does Cinderella Solution plan Work?

This Cinderella Solution aims boosting you self mechanisms to burn fats in your whole body. We are talking about a diet plan that improves your own metabolism as a natural fat burner. A diet plan is not only being in hunger, losing weight is not only doing unlimited workouts, but it should be a successful combination of both dieting and exercising.

Cinderella Solution is a weight loss system that puts in place the ketosis element. Indeed, it is associated with a smart and balanced diet in carbohydrates. Ketosis occurs when the carbohydrate intake is not too low but in harmony with other hormones. This will allow to use the reserves of fatty acids by turning them into ketone to provide the missing energy to the body. In reality it replaces the lack of blood glucose thanks to Cinderella solution tea recipes and other meals.

cinderella solution



  Cinderella Solution Diet is Also RECOMMENDED to Boost your immune System Naturally & Protect You from Virus Attacks


The Cinderella Solution promises a fat loss of at least 4 to 6 pounds per week. The nutrition elements contained in Cinderella Solution Recipes and juices would promote the burning of fat and facilitate the loss of unwanted pounds. In addition, replacing breakfast products that are often greasy and sweet (cereals, pastries, cakes, etc.) with some fruits and water reduces the number of calories consumed in the first half of the day.

As a result, Cinderella Solution Diet Plan could induce a negative energy balance and initiate a significant loss of weight. Since the body ingests fewer calories than it uses to function, then there is weight loss. It is on this great principle that this diet seems to be based.

Cinderella Solution Review – Pros & Cons

[success] Advantages

    • This Diet System is using a natural weight loss plan.
    • It is using balanced meals, spices and recipes.
    • It can help fast with rapid weight loss goals.
    • Boosts the natural metabolism.
    • Allows to obtain aesthetic results by decreasing the fat mass.
    • Effective for some chronic diseases, including cancer and Diabetes.
    • Promotes consumption of recipes rich in fiber, vitamin B and potassium.
    • Limit snacking and eating sweet products at breakfast.
    • Relatively varied and balanced meals.
    • Compatible with a fulfilling social life.
    • Boosts sex drive as well.
    • Easy to follow.
    • There is no side effects
    • Suitable for all women.
[/success] [warning]Disadvantages

  • This is a Diet Plan designed for women only. If you are a man, results may differ.
  • If you are looking for a weight loss miracle without any effort, then Cinderella Solution is not for you. Because you need to change your lifestyle a bit to see good things coming.
  • This is a digital Weight Loss Plan, available instantly for PDF and Video Download.

Cinderella Solution Testimonials – Before & After

Happy users of The Cinderella Solution already posted their positive feedback in social media and in website reviews. They shared real before and after appearance.carly experience

cinderella solution results

cinderella-solution before after

In which case the Cinderella Solution is advised?

  • Obese people.
  • This diet is little restrictive, so it is advisable to people who have sufficient motivation.
  • For people wishing to lose weight with a deadline like athletes who wish to stay in a weight category.
  • for example but who want to keep their muscles for the day of the competition.
  • For people with various pathologies, The Cinderella Solution has proven its effectiveness.
  • For cancers, diabetes, patients with epilepsy. In this case the Cinderella Solution gives a natural remedy.
  • In the objective of physical aesthetic impairment, or in the practice of bodybuilding for example, but it remains nevertheless dangerous to health if it is not controlled and monitored by health practitioners.

For whom the Cinderella Solution is not advisable?

  • Pregnant women (deprivations and deficiencies).
  • Children under 15.
  • Vegetarians and vegans since carbohydrates must be drastically reduced.

Final Verdict

  • The Cinderella solution is a diet system, designed for women that need a helpful weight loss plan.
  • Losing weight using this diet system is now proved by all happy customers who managed to burn their unwanted fats fast.
  • The Cinderella solution provides a powerful weight loss plan since we can’t find any bad reviews and also.
  • It is only using natural ways such as Cinderella Solution Tea Recipes to lose weight without any side effects.
  • It is now followed by many famous Hollywood celebrities.
  • It comes with valuable free bonuses.
  • It is a cheap diet system, since you can spend more in buying harmful weight loss drugs.



  Cinderella Solution Diet is Also RECOMMENDED to Boost your immune System Naturally & Protect You from Virus Attacks


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