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Venus Factor 2.0 Review – Scam or Legit Reviews?!

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In this Review, you’ll discover if The Venus Factor 2.0 diet is for you or not. This weight loss system is not new in but the recent thing about it is the 2.0 update this year. A new version of this fat burning program is already used by thousands of women and men worldwide, and they are posting recent reviews and testimonials about Venus Factor workout and diet recipes. Is this Scam or Legit?

Product Name: The Venus Factor 2.0

Type: weight loss / lose weight system/ Workout Program

Author: John Barban

Official Website:

Venus Factor 2.0 Review – Advantages & Disadvatages

One of topmost concerns of women is to attain a slim and sexy body in order to enjoy public and private life to the fullest extent. But the harsh reality is that majority of women are struggling with obesity thanks to the unhealthy lifestyles due to the compulsions of modern living. In past several decades innumerable diet fads have appeared on the horizon and vanished.

They are all based on this common factor of superficially correct logic of workout and weight loss. They essentially demand taking fewer calories and burn them by more exercise. But there is a flaw in the argument. That is you will gain all the lost weight right back! This is truer in case of women, because of their unique body chemistry. A new star on the horizon- Venus Factor Workout!

The Science Behind The Venus Factor

The researchers who produced the Venus Factor System realized that controlling Leptin played a major role in weight control in conjunction with diet and exercise routines. This involves controlling the amount of Leptin and the sensitivity women have to Leptin levels, so as to get weight under control. In other words, the effectiveness of diet and exercise will be enhanced if their effect on Leptin levels was controlled. This resulted in faster weight loss made possible in a natural way.

The factor that made weight loss difficult for women was that Leptin resistance is at peak levels after pregnancy. Venus Factor research team worked on ways to regulate pregnancy weight gain with help of right supplements, properly designed exercise regime and fasting diet. This total program allowed right foods at right times, paid attention to right exercises and even to getting right amount of sleep, and the net effect was to lose weight in natural and sustained manner.

The Venus Factor Program

Based on this new concept of weight loss for women, the program is divided into five parts. All these components of the program are devised to handle various elements in your body or lifestyle that is responsible for high Leptin resistance. By eliminating Leptin resistance, your body will be able to better regulate metabolism, appetite and weight.

The first part of Venus Factor is to avoid all foods that raise body Leptin levels, such as sugary snacks, soy, low fiber carbs etc. Also, you will learn the right foods that enhance the efficacy of Leptin in your body. This is not like ordinary diet control that is akin to starving your body, but a way to regulate Leptin levels which play important role in controlling metabolism.

This unique 3-month fat burning workout, with Venus Factor, takes is designed to give you the coveted hourglass shape. This is a step-by-step workout that complements the dietary program, which accomplishes the task of giving a fine shape to your body while the dietary program is burning the fat at the source.

Content of Venus Factor System

The main manual of Venus Factor talks about determining your ideal Venus Index ratio, helping you to decide whether you need to lose or gain weight to obtain it. There is an eating guide which you can use to reach your fitness goals. Venus Factor deviates from the usual slimming program where you would have to eat less or starve just to lose some weight. It teaches you how to get the right eating formula according to your specific needs.

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Learn how to calculate an accurate caloric intake according to your height, weight and measurements. There are also many positive feedback of the workout guide that is found in Venus Factor. Many ladies have glowing reviews about how the workout has worked wonders for them. They have achieved amazing results and lost inches by following this exercise guide consistently. It includes a step by step twelve week workout that can tone your muscles and shaping them in the process of resistance training.

The instructions were simple, clear and concise. There are also videos of the exercise routines that you can follow easily. The 12 week workout program is divided into three phases. One phase is four weeks long and during each of the phases, you are given a specific workout plan to follow.

What is special in Venus Factor?

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Majority of the programs fail to achieve weight loss as they do not address the real issue of shaping your body. They are usually based on abdominal exercise, intensive workouts or special diets. They neglect the factor of your naturally attractive shape. Venus Factor helps you to aim for your best body shape according to your current body proportions and a special workout plan catered to your needs and requirements. Venus Factor understands the fact that no two bodies are similar and not all workouts suit everyone.

It focus on building muscles while burning fat and all workouts are done in a circuit manner with a sixty second rest between exercise. The ultimate aim for this program is to achieve an hourglass figure, a desire by almost every lady.

As Venus Factor workout is about creating a more feminine shape for yourself, the workout are made up of a series of strength exercise and weight lifting. Venus Factor have laid the basic fundamentals for you to achieve a sculpted body, the key to success largely depends on your discipline, motivation, consistency and willpower to complete this program. Only then, can you see a brand new confident you in front of the mirror in twelve weeks’ time!

Virtual Nutritionist App

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As an important component of Venus Factor, the Virtual Nutritionist App guides by evaluating eating process, count calories, protein levels in the diet and indicate the required quantities by comparing to your ideal personalized needs. The difference indicates whether your eating is normal or going astray!

This is a motivational tool as it connects you to other women who are going through the same phases of struggle and success. The mere knowledge that you are among many others who have same problems but have succeeded gives more sustaining will power, more than any claims in advertisements of fancy weight-loss programs!

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There is as well an active community of women with whom you can share your live experiences on the forum. Venus Community is the ultimate proof that it works for you just as it has worked for hundreds of others and be inspired by their true experiences.

Venus Factor Pros

  • This weight loss system is using all natural ways to burn fat, without any pills or other harmful products.
  • It is designed by John Barban, a specialist in nutrition and weight loss system especially for women.
  • You don’t need to change your life style a lot, only some little changes are required.
  • Venus Factor has a lot of great reviews as well as real testimonials and success stories.
  • Using this diet, you’ll see other positive health benefits other than losing weight, such as boosting your sex drive and fighting age signs.
  • This lose weight program comes with 60 day money back guarantee if not satisfied.

Venus Factor Cons

  • It is only available as digital product, no hard-book copy in the market.

Bottom Line

The innovative idea behind Venus Factor is the realization that there are fundamental differences between the body chemistry of males and females. This is the reason that the weight loss programs that worked perfectly for men have fallen flat on face when tried by females!

The Venus Factor has created a new way for women to attain the body of their dreams and has been successful on the simple idea that women’s special bodies need a different approach. It is built around the overlooked role of Leptin and the results fully support the validity of this breakthrough concept that helps women to attain the classic hourglass-shaped body!

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