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How To Get A Flat Stomach – Flat Belly Secrets

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Do you want a flat belly in summer? For this, your diet and physical activity may require some adjustments. Beyond a possible diet to burn your belly fat, specialists explain the eating habits, cardio and breathing to have a flat stomach. So how can you lose tummy fat fast? How can you lose some pounds in few weeks?

Even after a fat burning diet and the loss of a few pounds, it happens that the curves persist in the abdomen. Some women, even with a thin lower body, always get a small belly. Our advice to burn your stomach fat is to take healthy recipes and to workout as much as possible.

Abdominal fat are easier to lose than cellulite

Good news though: “This abdominal fat is easy enough to lose, much more than is cellulite,” says the specialist who advises, first, to avoid snacking that generates insulin spikes and limit at most all the added sugars found in cookies, sweets, sodas, but also savory prepared dishes.

In short, avoid industrial products that provide hidden sugars, especially in the form of glucose-fructose syrup, a sweetener whose participation in the accumulation of visceral fat is strongly suspected.

However, there is no question that you should burn your stubborn belly fats by putting an end to all carbohydrates with a diet without drastic sugar. Simply, we make sure to better choose and review the quantities. “In the current food pyramid, starchy foods are the basis, but for a sedentary person, it is not necessary,” said Charlotte Debeugny who recommends to limit to 0.25 lbs (cooked) complete starchy food once or twice a day to get out of the pasta-rice-bread trio and to systematically accompany them with vegetables at will, satiating proteins and good natural fat.

Avoid storage of abdominal fat

Under the extra inches of waistline fat cells are hidden (in stomach), small reservoirs of belly fat. However, it is necessary to distinguish between the subcutaneous and visceral fat, which lodges all around the abdomen and organs. Unsightly, this visceral fat is also dangerous for health because it promotes inflammation, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. What foods help burn belly fat?

But what in our diet recipes contributes to the accumulation of this fat? If for a long time we did amalgamate dietary fat = body fat, we now know that fat is far from the sole culprit of our fat. We do not realize that sugar can be stored as fat and even more, simple sugars pose a lot more of a problem than natural fat.

By simple sugars, we mean carbohydrates with a high glycemic index: it raises the level of glucose in the blood, forcing the pancreas to secrete an amount of insulin, hormone regulating blood sugar, The more we make working our insulin, the more we boost our fat storage capacity as belly fat and as well in other areas of our body.

Burning fat is not so simple as all diet systems are claiming. But it is effectively possible to lose weight in just 3 weeks if you know what you should eat and what you must avoid. Being healthy, living with the right way, exercising is the key to burn fat fast and have a flat belly you are dreaming about.

Counteract the proliferation of Candida albicans

Another path to study to limit bloating: that of the proliferation of Candida albicans. This yeast is naturally present in the body without any problem, but according to our lifestyle, our diet, Candida can develop significantly in the intestine, where it will cause inflammation and swelling. the abdomen.

flat belly fix recipe

If certain foods participate in the proliferation of Candida – sugar and starch in particular – others, on the other hand, help counter its proliferation. This is particularly the case of fresh garlic, probiotics contained in kefir or fermented milks, coconut oil, onions and lemon juice.

Rather than abs, practice good cardio

Do abs, why not, but do not rely on them to dislodge abdominal fat. As the name implies, muscle building is there to strengthen the muscle, and you have to get to a certain intensity to consider the muscular work as a stimulant of the metabolism and therefore a fat burner. the lumbar-abdominal belt does not achieve this intensity.

To attack the adipose tissue in your stomach, it is therefore essential to include cardio in its sports routine. But contrary to the idea long conveyed, it is not necessary to extend the endurance effort for 40 minutes to achieve the famous fat burning effect.

For weight loss, it’s the intensity that counts and not the duration itself, the specialist insists.Several studies show that for a number of calories spent in the session, intense exercise is more effective because it has a double effect: it acts on muscle mass and metabolism.

HIIT, the most effective cardio

HIIT -High Intensity Interval Training or intermittent high-intensity training- is the most effective cardio for slimming action. Intermittent work has been found to be very effective in stimulating the processes that make up our so-called small mitochondrial energy plants.The impact of HIIT is twofold: it increases their number in the muscles but especially it increases the amount of active enzymes in them. The muscles are able to degrade more fat during exercise and after especially when you have a healthy lifestyle with burning fat recipes.

With alternating very short and high intensity exercises interspersed with passive or active recovery phases-for example, 30-second sprints on a bicycle with a half-hour of passive recovery of 4 minutes-the HIIT would be particularly effective in dislodging the abdominal fat, as suggested by a study published in the Journal of Obesity. In addition to the mechanisms previously described, it has the effect of increasing the number of blood vessels irrigating the abdominal adipose tissue, making it more sensitive to different hormones involved in weight loss.

Limit food source of “inflate”

Moreover, the belly is not necessarily due to the presence of fat, but simply … air. This is the famous effect “inflator”, the one that requires unbuttoning the jeans after the meal. A living medium, the intestine is home to billions of bacteria that interact with each other, feed on the food we consume, multiply, ferment.

avoid fatty food

This bacterial life is normal, but in the presence of an unbalanced flora or a food intolerance, the process can run away and cause bloating. People digest poorly sugars that will then ferment in the colon and cause gas, bloating and pain.

One way to detect if your digestive problems are due to the Fodmaps is simply to observe your belly on waking.If it is flat, it means that nothing has fermented in the night.

First the first bite swallowed you swell Like a balloon, think of the Fodmaps.The Fodmaps diet will then be effective to reach a flat stomach. if your belly is fat, oily, or lacking in tone, this diet will not replace muscle building exercises and fat burning physical activity.

Take care of your breathing and your posture

We breathe, yes, but often poorly, in a narrow way. The breathing starts from the top of the chest as it should start from the lower belly and up through the diaphragm. The expression ‘I have belly knots’ is not so far from the truth. This tight breathing is responsible for a one-liter air deficit throughout the body. which hinders the proper functioning of the transit, and in the long run it can also distend the lap belt.

When you want a flat stomach, it is interesting to relearn how to breathe properly, in a large way, starting from the bottom of the belly and going up the diaphragm when you breathe. It helps a lot to burn fats naturally. This breathing goes along with a posture while stretching, which has a double belly-flat effect: visual on the silhouette and sheathing for the abdominal belt.

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