4 causes of vertigo & the fastest way to resolve it

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Vertigo is a common phenomenon that affects many people every year, regardless of age or gender. Often confused with dizziness, vertigo has very specific causes that are interesting to know and understand.

It moves, it turns, the ground gives way… Why this dizziness and how to treat it to regain balance.

It’s an inner ear problem

A deposit of calcium crystals in one of the canals of the inner ear can cause simple benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), which is manifested by rapid head movement. It also happens that an earwax plug, an alteration of the microcirculation, a neuroma (benign tumor on the acoustic nerve), but also Meniere’s disease, caused by an excess of endolymph in the inner ear, are responsible for the dizziness.

[success]– The solutions: we start by consulting an ENT doctor equipped to observe the duct and remove an earwax plug if necessary. If necessary, he offers surgery to remove a neuroma, or comprehensive management of symptoms related to Ménière’s disease (dizziness medication, antiemetics, anxiolytics, magnesium, etc.). In addition, herbal medicine is effective in improving a vascular and inflammatory component of the disease and we can combine red vine, ginkgo biloba and saffron for their antioxidant, vasculoprotective and neuroprotective effects. Finally, BPPV is often treated with the Epley maneuver, a head mobilization technique that dislodges small unwanted deposits. To do with a health professional.[/success]

It’s a small voltage drop

Low blood pressure (between 80 and 100 mmHg for the first digit), does not present a risk in itself, but it is sometimes the cause of unpleasant symptoms, when it fluctuates and decreases a little, such as blurred vision , headache, and of course dizziness. It can be generated by deep fatigue, anemia, a cortisol deficit, dehydration or a vascular problem.

[success]– The solutions: take care of your sleep by ensuring a minimum of 7 hours per night. Also remember to hydrate yourself well by drinking at least 1.5 liters per day, more when you play sports, and by choosing mineral water with a good dose of minerals. Finally, you can play on the vascular origin by wearing tights, stockings or compression socks and thanks to vasotonic plants: mainly guarana, red vine and licorice (alternately, 1 capsule in the morning, in the form of standardized extract of fresh plant and preferably sold in pharmacies).[/success]

It’s a cervical cranial problem

Instability at the cervical level, at the hinge of the skull, can also be the cause of the feeling of vertigo. A posture disorder (by an accentuation of the vertebral curvatures), bad sitting positions (in front of the computer) or lying down (unsuitable pillow), as well as minor intervertebral disturbances (post-traumatic, osteoarthritis, etc.) are most often originally. In this case, the doctor prescribes an X-ray and asks for a specific image, called “Porot”, to measure the axis of rotation of the head and identify any ankylosis.

[success]– The solutions: appropriate handling can restore flexibility and limit dizziness as a result. Osteo-vertebrotherapy is particularly indicated but the practitioner must also be a doctor to have the right to intervene in the cervical area, and always after an X-ray to ensure that there is no contraindication. In addition, in-depth work on posture is recommended, through global postural rehabilitation, such as Mezières or Busquet, orthoptics, wearing orthopedic insoles, etc.[/success]

It’s a hypoglycemic illness

Suddenly, you feel bad, hungry, when you ate two hours earlier, and it turns a little… It can be a simple reaction hypoglycemia due to a punctual overconsumption of fast sugars, which causes the pancreas to produce massive amounts of insulin. This mechanism makes it possible to quickly eliminate this excess sugar in the blood, and the sudden drop in blood sugar explains the symptoms experienced.

[success]– The solutions: it is better to limit repeated sweet pleasures, by eliminating sodas and industrial chocolate bars, in favor of foods with a low glycemic index (whole cereals, quinoa, apples, oilseeds, etc.). You can also count on certain plants that regulate metabolism well, in particular blood sugar, such as ginseng, milk thistle, cinnamon, ginger… (2 capsules of standardized extract per day). If the phenomenon is repeated, it is important to do a blood test to measure the blood sugar, so as not to miss a beginning diabetes.[/success]
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