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28-Day Keto Challenge Review – is KetoGenic Diet Working?

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I’m writing this 28-Day Keto Challenge Review, to answer the common questions about This KetoGenic Diet System. What has been a lot of fun for a few months, are the very exaggerated claims of the ketogenic diet recipes found on the web. So, what is exactly Keto Diet Challenge? How does it work? and what is my review about this 28 Day KetoGenic Diet and weight loss system?

What is 28-Day Keto Challenge Diet?

This ketogenic diet consists in drastically reducing the proportion of carbohydrates in its diet. Currently, caloric intake in our modern Western diet comes from about 50% of carbohydrates, 35% of fats and 15% of proteins. ketogenic diet challenge recipes therefore proposes to reduce almost completely the proportion of carbohydrate intake, to use fats as main calorie intake and boost your metabolism.

The effects of 28-Day Keto Challenge are similar to fasting, by cutting the body from its usual source of energy. The blood sugar level then drastically decreases to a state close to hypoglycaemia. After an average period of three days, the body reaches the state of ketosis.

In order to provide for your needs, you will therefore exhaust in the fatty tissues rather than in your reserves of sugar, which then represent a stock of energy that is underutilized until then. This is a smart fat burning process.

How Does 28-Day Keto Challenge Work?

This New ketogenic diet would have a favorable impact on people with cancer. Our healthy cells eat mainly fats while the cancer cells get their energy from the sugar we eat. By following this diet, tumors have reduced access to their favorite food: sugar. Less sugar means less energy for cancer cells. More fat means more ketones for healthy cells. This Keto diet therefore specifically strengthens the healthy parts of the body without benefiting the cancer cells and then improve a natural fat burning diet in your body.

Alzheimer’s disease has the particularity of preventing neurons from using glucose, which is usually their primary source of energy. Without energy, impossible to survive or to work. Hence the idea of ​​bringing them ketones, so fats, which will be used by brain cells instead of sugar.

According to 28-Day Keto Challenge Plan, the liver will transform these fats into different elements, including ketone bodies (which will give the name to this diet), via ketogenesis.

The practice of the ketogenic diet as fat burner is interesting whether it is in terms of health or performance. By imitating the effects of fasting, this diet forces the body to function mainly by using its fats, as well as the ketone bodies that are produced as a result of their degradation.

28-Day Keto Challenge Food basics

This Keto diet is based on two categories of foods:

  • Fats or lipids such as oil, olive, butter, cream, nuts …
  • Proteins found in meat, turkey and chicken, fish, soy …

In a normal diet, calories come on average for 50% of carbohydrates, 35% of fats and 15% of proteins. In the ketogenic diet, calories are 90% fat, 8% protein and 2% carbohydrate.

28 day keto challenge reviews

In other words, in terms of quantity, it consists of consuming less than 50 g of carbohydrates per day and 3 g of fat per 1 g of non-fat (carbohydrates plus proteins).

After demonstrating its effectiveness on epilepsy, more and more studies show its positive effects on metabolic diseases such as diabetes or obesity as a creative and easy to follow weight loss plan.

Using The 28-Day Keto Challenge and by omitting the carbohydrate source, a whole energetic axis is shunted which is strongly demanded by the effort (carbohydrate metabolism enzymes, reactive reactions / unstimulated products, intestinal sphere with the disturbed associated flora as we know its importance concerning the absorption, immunity, eating behavior, digestion and prevention of digestive disorders, transit …). This is the main theory behind 28-Day Keto Challenge System to burn fat fast.

Nevertheless, this kind of diet can be set up in an ad hoc manner for a maximum of 5 to 6 months and in the meantime come back to a wider “balanced” model or find a more flexible intermediate where the carbohydrate content is greater while still being overall low on the daily ration (carbohydrates can be raised to 150-200g per day instead of 50g max for the strict ketogenic diet).

My 28-Day Keto Challenge Review

Hollywood stars like Halle Berry and Vanessa Hudgens have contributed to the democratization of The 28-Day Keto Challenge System. And the Netflix On Demand Video Platform has released a movie, The Magic Pill, to document people who use this diet to treat diseases such as asthma, autism, diabetes, and cancer. It is not surprising that this diet has also been criticized, with some calling it “ridiculous” and potentially harmful. Moreover, even followers believe that it is not easy to follow, and not suitable for everyone.

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As conclusion of our 28-Day Keto Challenge Review, just to be clear, I have NO DOUBT that The 28-Day Keto Challenge diet plan suits some people. After all, there are people who live happily by eating just fruits, or a 100% carnivorous diet … Everyone is free to judge the weight loss plan that suits him best. And there is not a diet that suits everyone …

In the end, it should be known that the eviction of natural foods must be integrated when a real intolerance or allergy exists, or if there is a disgust for a certain food organoleptic. Then, it is the notion of frequency-quantity of contribution which is important which sensitizes the organism, notion of 48h at the level of the cellular memory. Bring in chronic what is favorable and punctual what is less good for the athlete.

This does not involve crowding out and allows variety without necessarily the appearance of clinical / paraclinical signs unfavorable to performance and health in general.

Some endurance athletes practice The 28-Day Keto Challenge with a lot of success, by accustoming their body to exhaust the maximum in lipids to optimize their fuel efficiency during low intensity races. However, it is complicated and difficult to follow such a diet autonomously and prolonged, as we explained previously. The advice and regular monitoring of a nutritionist or a doctor are recommended.

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